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Sparta, North Carolina

placemaking action plan


This plan was created in partnership with Sparta and West Jefferson, NC, and sponsored by Blue Ridge Energy. Atlas worked alongside these communities to develop a people-focused placemaking action plan to support and address their critical challenges.

Based off of the Background Assessment compiled during the Research Phase, Atlas recommends that Sparta pursue the following strategic opportunities for each focus area: 

Atlas believes that these concepts will help Sparta combat some of the challenges they currently face and will work to increase quality of life for current and future residents of the community.


Atlas Community Studios would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support and participation in the strategic planning process:

Town of Sparta Steering Committee
Bob Bamberg, Alleghany News
Zach Barricklow, Wilkes Community College
Wanda Beck, Wilkes Community College
Lisa Bottomley, Alleghany Chamber for Economic Development
Ricky Brown, Alleghany Chamber for Economic Development
Bryan Edwards, Alleghany Chamber for Economic Development
Rhesa Edwards, Entrepreneur
Ben Gatton, Sparta United Methodist Church
Dayna Guadagno, Resident
Mindy Hall, Realtor
Steve Hall, Educator
Xavier Iglesias, Entrepreneur
Mechelle Luffman, County Official
April Maines, Alleghany Health
Phoebe Murphy, Student
Yannia Nordelo, College Student
Caleb Osborne, College Student
Tonya Sheets, Entrepreneur
Scott Smith, Entrepreneur
Ryan Wilmoth, Town Manager
Blue Ridge Energy - Project Sponsor
Crystal Spencer, Director of Marketing
Local Organizations
Alleghany Chamber for Economic Development
Alleghany Arts Council

This website is a condensed version of the entire plan. Here, you’ll get a high-level overview of the project research and recommendations without all of the nitty-gritty details (we know those aren’t for everyone).

However, if you’re like us and don’t mind a rabbit hole or two of information, we’ve got you covered! The complete PDF plan is available for you to read at the link above.